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41 not out

41 years ago we looked into each other's eyes and said "I do". 41 years later, the eyes are much more blood-shot and surrounded by wrinkles but we're still looking into them. Mind you, will that still be the case after nearly 3 months together in the van?
Celebration? Of course! We know how
celebrate! A couple of hours in the launderette this morning, tea and clotted cream scones in a traditional seaside tea-room this afternoon. Actually it was nice, proper old-fashioned service, real leaf tea in a silver plated teapot and 1930's greatest hits crooning away in the background. How to top that, actually sitting in this tiny micro-pub with the best point of draught mild either of us has ever drank works well.

Not found a nice upmarket restaurant for tonight but a local fish and chip shop looks delightful and will work! The posh meal can wait until we find somewhere that really appeals. That way we get to celebrate twice!

And here's that fish and chip restaurant, chosen on the basis that if the owner takes as much care about his kitchen as he does about good choice of decor then it must be good.