A gentle stroll

A 6 mile stroll from the campsite today. Much of it on tarmacked roads or well made stones paths. We did try to cut across country on hill paths looking for evidence of bronze and iron age but the path soon disappeared into a tangle of bracken. Not being able to see the ground on a steep, rock-strewn downhill slope didn't seem to be within our personal health and safety guidelines so we retraced our steps back to the safety of tarmac.

The first 3/4 or so was mainly uphill, steep in parts, but with spectacular views from the top. I don't have enough zoom to really pull out Caernarfon Castle down there so you'll have to look closely! The Menai Straits bridge is just too far north to be in view.

Liz enjoyed the views

The rest of the walk wasn't quite so scenic but for much of the way we had sight of both Caernarfon. to the west and Snowdon to the East.

So, on the hills with my new camera, the obligatory wildlife shots:

And, of course, no day beside the Welsh Highland Railway would be complete without a train picture, despite this being flawed by the sign smack in front of the engine. I rushed out of the van to take it just as the train started moving off. No time to find a better spot to compose the picture.