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A (UK) Bank Holiday Sunday

There are always going to be days where there just isn't much to write about. Today is such a day. We left the jolly boaters and popped into the local co-op store (yes it surprised me to to see a co-op brand over here). Liz and I had some difference of opinion re our server, my take was that she was an escapee from an ancient George Romero set, Liz's thought was that one of the marionettes had had life breathed into it. We shall never know.

The drive across S Bohemia into W Moravia was more than pleasant. We deliberately pointed the Satnav at the off motorway route and so wended our way slowly through little farming village after little farming village. Occasionally a sight would disturb the tranquility of the drive: a herd of goats here, a MIG fighter in someone's front garden there, the usual sort of stuff. Lots of scenic lakes and forest vistas. Pretty driving and most pleasant; especially so because back at home people are sat nose to tail on the Msomething cursing the Bank Holiday traffic. If in were to be picky, it was a tad too warm, the sun a tad too bright to enjoy the Czech empty and open roads.

OK, it wasn't all idyll;  twice the road we need to take had roadworks. No I don't mean a few seconds delay, not even the several hour UK Bank Holiday roadworks delay, I mean the road is shut, completely! Now in Germany we got to understand a 'U' signpost was a diversion but here ?? We followed traffic and in one town entered a no-through road and then down a bus only lane, but others seemed to think it was OK. At least when we passed the speed trap (very cunningly hidden in a forest glade) we were just about 1mph below the limit.

Still we got here mid-afternoon. A great site for nature, nuthatches just feet away from the van and I thought the tits were coming in. I'm sure with some enticement of crumbs we could manage that.

A 1k walk into the nearest village, 1.5k if we go via the more scenic river footpath. 3 pub/restaurants; we eat at the one recommended by the very helpful campsite guy. It was good and we got a free welcome drink. It was alcoholic, lemon and slightly medicinal. Any guesses?

Anyway no pictures today. Driving and then a slight thunderstorm (welcomed to clear the air) on arrival at the campsite put paid to that.
But here's today's route: