/ Scotland2016

A day of rest

You must be joking. Today's plan was a 5 mile walk taking in two local pubs for Sunday Lunch. And what a great meal it was too. There is no doubt that the cost of living is much reduced up here. The Derby Arms had roast dinners for £5.99. My locally sourced beef was excellent and a huge portion, more meat than Liz and I have together on a Sunday and Liz's chicken breast could easily have been mistaken for a turkey. Top that with an excellent home made trifle (Liz) and a home-made cheesecake with Morello cherries and ice-cream (Brian) and we were struggling to make the remaining half of the walk, much heavier in the stomach and not much lighter in the wallet.

Still walk on we did, to Aughton with its impressive Norman church and less impressive Stanley Arms next door. That's not fair, it's a nice pub, just one that was very busy with food orders on a Sunday lunchtime, and poor Wi-Fi when we needed it to try and sort out just where we might be sleeping tomorrow night.

Back to the van and now we can rest, well a shower each to save time tomorrow and then retire to the van to read, write blogs etc.

Oh OK, it was pretty much a day of rest after all.