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All together now, "Gelderland, Gelderland, Gelderla-a-and, GEL-DER-LAND!"

No photos today, it's a driving day. 288 km, 180 miles, getting on for 4 hours going the scenic route and taking a stop.

A first this morning, showering with dirty clothing laid on the shower floor and stomping around like a Burgundian grape treader to force body-rinsed soap and shampoo laden water into them. Seems to have worked although even microfibre isn't drying as quickly as we'd hoped. 

Minor contratemps with neighbouring German camper this morning. This particular campsite in Antwerp has a (probably unique) 5-pin electric plug. No problem, they will loan you an adapter to something more sensible but with a €50 deposit. I got to the electric cabinet this morning to discover two or more campers had added a 6 way adapter socket to mine and were piggy-backing off it. Amazing the breakers didn't trip. Since I was packing up I just removed my adapter and left the vans unconnected. A rather large and irate German then accosted me and almost asked me to prove the adapter was mine! Nearly fisticuffs and an international incident. Anyway he went off in a huff in the direction of reception and eventually seemed sorted. Phew, I nearly had to put him in his place and remind him of 1945 1966!

Those readers with access to a copy of our itinerary may wonder why the silly "Sir Ulrich Von Leichenstein" jokes as you may be under the misapprehension that we would be traveling west to the Dortmund area. That is so yesterday! Enschede became today's plan but at lunchtime that was modified to Gronau just over the German border. Why? Well the campsite here also runs an Aire, a basic field with pay-as-you-go electric (we're not bothering) and access to the site's loos and water. Basic camping field at the basic price of €8 per night. Ideal.

Did I mention a stop. Hummel is a tiny town/village in Gelderland. We didn't spot the bakers so just went to the local shop - Spar to top up with beer, bread, biscuits, cheese, eggs, apples - life's basic essentials. But we're in Europe now so even a €23 bill doesn't allow payment by credit card.

That's about it for today. Yesterday's scorching sunshine was replaced with light but persistent rain all day so sightseeing en route wasn't too much of an option even had we had time.

Talking of en route: