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An incomplete Czech list

Aaargh, a panic last night. Looking through driving requirements for entering the Czech Republic, as well as needing a motorway vignette we are supposed to have our V5 and certificate of insurance. We have neither. We tend not to carry the V5 in the car, I read once that is not a good idea and normally have the certificate of insurance with us but for various reasons it got removed. We'd normally have done all this due diligence at home but last month's Lundy trip caused an organisational overload.

Panic, panic, panic! Then Liz remembers we needed a soft copy of the V5 to apply for the French crit d'air certificate and after a bit of firkling in her emails she finds a PDF. May not be acceptable but it's something. As for the insurance amazingly there is absolutely zero trace of anything in either of our email histories. We organised it by phone a few years ago and have always had snail-mail delivered hard-copy without anything via the web. Anyway I'll ring 'em in the morning and get them to email a PDF of the certificate. Hopefully that will be adequate if needed.

That just leaves the vignette. Looking around on the web it is totally unclear where to get one. So much so that we almost consider not taking the motorway today. But we thought something would work out and, guess what, in the A17 autobahn (Berlin-Dresden-Prague) there is a rest station just before the border that is signed clearly to tell us we can buy said vignette there. We do, the hardest part of the process being removing the backing paper to stick it to the windscreen (must be lower right, i.e. on the driver's side of a UK RH drive car)

So if you've found this page whilst googling "Czech Motorway Vignette" panic not, in Aug 2017 entering via the A17 they were available just the German side of the border at the rest station. Payment in Kroner or Euro.

Mind you, you'd be hard pressed to realise it was the German side of the border as pretty much nothing marks the border. Gotta love this EU free movement where you can be doing 70mph+ (and in many cases +++) as you cross an international border.