/ Scotland2016

An aside - Weather

The van has a huge skylight. It is positioned so that lying abed you get a view of a decent chunk of the sky, ideal for weather watching or star gazing.So as we listened to the rain hammering on the roof we drew back the skylight's blind to a 100% dark grey sky and heavy rain. Within 5 minutes the sky had darkened even further but the rain had stopped, only to be replaced by a light flurry of snow. A moment or two later this morphed into a heavy hailstorm with ice blodges coalescing on the skylight. When this seemed at its heaviest a tiny blue chink appeared in the vast greyness, the haul ceased as quickly as it started and slowly the blue patch widened it's presence across the sky, populating itself with light, fluffy, white clouds. Then the sun came out! Rays of warmth flooded the van for a few brief moments before, like some civil war battle,  the greys chased the blues off the field. A prelude to another sharp hail shower.We're up and dressed now but this cycle of Scottish weather keeps repeating itself as we busy with breakfast.