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Campsite with a micro-brewery

Not going to say much as Liz's blog will have all the good photos but a quick summary of today:

  • Early alarm for 8
  • Fill up with fuel
  • Detour to Saxon Switzerland to visit the Bastei Bridge
  • Back on the A17 towards Prague
  • Stop short of the border to buy a Czech Motorway Vignette ( about £11 for 10 days)
  • Drive almost empty Czech motorways (until within about 30 miles of Prague)
  • Detour round Prague to find the campsite (amazingly easy)
  • Discover that the micro-brewery at the campsite is very highly rated
  • Walk 100m from the van to confirm the views of the people who rated the micro-brewery and also enjoy its food.
There, that's about it. Some random pics from Bastei:

And my favourite snap of the day: 

which tells you that the micro-brewery (and, hence us) is in Trebonice just to the west of Prague city.

And here's today's travel: