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Cracking on...

to Krakow. We'll miss Czech. 4 totally different venues, 4 totally different camp site experiences. And nice people too. Very polite, people got up to offer Liz seats on public transport. I was made to feel very old in Prague when a pretty young girl rose to offer me her seat. I declined, of course!

First stop a small supermarket near the border to use up the small amount of remaining Czech currency. The usual stuff, bread, ham, drinks and a bottle of local gin left us with just coins. 

Not sure of Polish motorway tolls and our Czech vignette expired a couple of days ago so set the Satnav to avoid toll roads and it takes us straight on to the A1 motorway. Hope it was OK, at least I wasn't speeding as I went past the trap. However the last hour of the journey was tedium. I suspect there is a quick toll road into Krakow but we're on the 30 miles of 50kph (31mph) road going through endless towns and traffic. Reminder to self, sort out tolls before traveling, in future.

Campsite a bit run down, toilet block again vintage but immaculate. It'll do. It's actually not our original choice but we read reviews of that other site a few days ago and thefts had been reported. At least this site boasts good security.

Security is always a worry in the van. We don't carry much and when we are out for the day almost all our high tech stuff, phones, cameras, Kindles travel with us. But we look as if we ought have more booty than the average car so always feel we might be a target. The last site at Landek Park, Ostrava was a concern because we were literally just parked in a public park. But no reviews had suggested any problems and the area seemed trouble-free. A quick walk off-site  here reveals electronic gates on all the local houses, much more of a concern.

Our very limited site info suggests getting the bus from opposite the supermarket.  We find a small convenience store with a bus stop opposite so assume it's translation exaggeration calling it a supermarket. We walk a further mile or so and find a proper supermarket. Back at the van we find there is a large supermarket just a couple of hundred yards from the site in the opposite direction, which is what the directions obviously referred to. That'll teach us not to take the paperwork with us when we go for a walk 

Still some interesting things in the supermarket we found. A litre plastic bottle of 6.5%abv beer for 72p. Go on, got to be tried (actually it gets good internet reviews and was much better than we thought, will be getting more). Looking to see if there is a local spirit like Slivovice or something we decided vodka is the drink here. But they do sell a 79%abv grain alcohol, twice the strength of normal spirits. Thinking of getting a bottle (or two) for making sloe or damson gin next year. With the fruit/sugar etc it would probably dilute down nicely to a full strength 40% spirit.

Anyway must go, we are currently dynamically rescheduling the holiday a bit. Here's today's 2hr 40min drive: