/ Scotland2016

If it was nae for yur wellies

Just one of the following statements is true:
We had a lovely tour of Edinburgh Castle
We took in all the sites, including Greyfriars Bobby
We had a wonderful shopping experience in Edinburgh's boutique shops
It slashed it down with rain all day and we trudged round best we couldNow I'm guessing the title has given it away! What an 'orrible day. Still tomorrow's set to be even worse!We did get into the city. We did have a very interesting tour round The Museum On The Mound which is the old Bank Of Scotland building and so a museum dedicated to money. £1,000,000 is not as big as pile of twenties as you might think. A nice museum, well organised and plenty for kids to do. Interesting to see that all the profits from the gift shop go to Children In Need. Crikey I  might even start thinking these bankers want to be seen as fair and kindly people who merely want a fair share of society's wealth, if I'm not careful.Much of the rest of the day was spent either sheltering from the rain or looking into outdoor shops to investigate better clothing to keep the rain off body layers. Sitting down in pubs features largely but only because they were dry.At least now we have our bearings. Tomorrow's dashes to museums etc will be informed dashes rather than haphazard wanderings. But it is a bit sad to be in the heart of such an historical and vibrant city and be thinking how nice it is to be back in the warm and dry of the van.