In search of a bodge

Grrrr!!!! A few years ago one of the hinges on the van's glass hob cover broke. Amazingly my IBM friend Andy repaired it by adding a steel plate. This was a considerable feat of engineering given just how little space or material there was to play with. Well last night the other hinge went. It's horrible cast metal and despite us taking every care it just sheared. Worried about straining the other, repaired, hinge I decided best course of action was to remove the cover altogether. But that left us with a large piece of glass knocking round the van for the next 3 weeks. Too large to fit in any of the boxes and probably too large for the underset lockers.

So, how can we bodge some feet for it so it can still live atop the hob? Rubber door stops seem ideal but the largest we can find here in Llangollen aren't quite deep enough. Liz spots a foam sitting/kneeling pad, been on the shelves donkey's years by the look of it. Indeed the hardware store owner is so pleased to see a buyer after all these decades that he reduces the £1.42 price to a round £1!

Some double-sided tape and Liz at her Blue Peter finest and the problem is solved, as per today's cover picture.

Deserves a pint methinks. Especially since the pub has "Happy Hour" with £1 a pint reduction on all real ales. That Elland 1872 porter really is something special.

Here's an attempt to shoot a pub interior into bright setting sun without flash