Post Scriptum

Well 81 nights spent - 1 my sister's floor, 3 wild camping, at 2 folk festivals and a Small Motorhome Forum Meet and the rest across 27 different campsites. Both of us returned home, the police are not looking for a body despite all that time together in a very small space.

So what have we learned? What would we do differently?

We've learned that we actually do love each other very much and work well as a team even when thrown together for a long period without much opportunity to escape each other's company. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit corny, we Brits don't do luvvy-duvvy discussions in public!

We've learned the R20 is plenty big enough for an extended trip. You need to be organised and, to be sure, every available piece of storage space was pretty much jam-packed on our return but we did buy a fair amount this trip: clothing, whisky, fabric etc and much of it was quite bulky. So, remember only pack about 2/3 full when you go, leave space fort new stuff acquired en route!