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Safety Net

And so another adventure begins. Our trip to Ireland starts later today, although we'll only get as far as Wales tonight, ready to catch the ferry tomorrow.

Hopefully technology will behave itself and this blog and its liz.two-drifters.co.uk counterpart will be available for us to post and anyone who has nothing better to do to read. However it is all running on a Raspberry Pi in my kitchen and so who knows what gremlins will run round the house when we leave. As a safety net we will fall back to our wordpress blogs.

So if you see no posts here for a couple of days one of three things has occurred:

  1. We are in an area where we have no internet/phone
  2. We are too busy or incapacitated to blog
  3. The technology that enables this blog has failed.

No real plan B for the first two items but should the last item be the case then look to


for your daily fix of tales of derring-doo.