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Same old, same old

Almost a repeat of yesterday. A flyer in the kitchen here in the campsite suggests there is an arts and craft market in Freudenstadt town square today and tomorrow. Had we know we'd have gone somewhere different yesterday!

Now it ought be a repeat of yesterday except that the bus doesn't run on a weekend and is replaced by a totally different bus run by a totally different bus company following almost exactly the same route. Mind you it's only every 2 hours.

So a chill-out morning and a plan to catch the 12:00 bus. Chill-out in the sense of laid-back that is, it's actually 20° or so in the bright sun - I need my hat.

OK, for the sake of any German readers I will end the next sentence with a double exclamation mark. The bus was late!! I've no doubt that a full inquiry is underway and unless significant extenuating circumstances are discovered then the driver is for re-training at a minimum, maybe even looking for employment elsewhere. Mind you he was an officious sod, scrutinising every pass in great detail. Probably the cause of the 10 minute delay.

The market was hyped up to be a big deal. Shops in the town square actually opening on a Sunday to support it. In reality it was a couple of dozen stalls. Some nice bits but nothing that really screamed "Schwarzwald"! The highlight was a brush maker actually making brushes for his stall.

So a short trip. I popped into a local toy shop to buy a game. It's only right that I buy the German Game Of The Year (Spiel Des Jahres) whilst in Germany. Annoyingly when I got to the bus stop I noticed my box of Kingdomino was quite nastily dented. Oh well, doesn't affect the game!

Same driver on the way back (possibly in the UK he'd be referred to as a "little Hitler" but that seems so politically incorrect I wouldn't dream of mentioning it in this blog). Not been on a bus where one of the passengers suffered from travel sickness so badly that he was actually vomiting. Fortunately there was a handy bucket under one of the seats so either he's a regular or the twisting mountain passes make such a bucket a necessary piece of equipment. To be fair, the driver did seem to slow down around the bends after he'd noticed.

Back to the campsite, drop off the game and then walk into town to Lidl's for some essentials for tomorrow night's meal. The wind's got up so we walk briskly back up the steep hill to the campsite and make it by about 20 minutes before the fairly light rain falls. We don't care, were not going anywhere tonight beyond the 20m or so walk to the campsite restaurant.