/ Cornwall2019

Stopping at the 4th brewery!

Travelling day. The bus goes out past the pub to Chagford. We check the map and there's no obvious route in the maze of twisty white roads. Fearing getting sucked in to an ever narrowing eel-tap, we opt for going in the opposite direction, back towards Exeter. Liz, once again, demonstrates her navigational prowess, threading us through a housing estate and over the river via a suburban bridge, avoiding the road works in Exeter's main crossing.

Passing three breweries (Exeter, Hanlons and The Beer Engine) as well as Sandford Orchards cider we pull into Tescos, Crediton. Say what you like about Tescos, they usually have clean loos!

In Crediton we ought swing by and see if Meeple's Corner games store is open. But the cold is bitter in this must. Shame.

Across Exmoor, a swift half pint and loo break in Exbridge. Stunning views, or would be without the mist. Take the seafront route through Minehead, not changed since we took the kids to Butlins some 30 years ago.

Now as you get to the bottom of Porlock Hill there's a notice telling caravans etc. to take the scenic toll route. That's what I'd intended, had the sign been visible just before it was possible to miss the turn. So trundle up the infamous 1 in 4 hill. No problem

Arriving at Lymouth we do see the sign, 1 in 4 hill to Lynton or detour round past Watersmeet where the road is a gentle 1 in 6. Detour it is and on the hairpin of the steepest part of the climb a car coming downhill obviously hasn't heeded the low gear signs and is a tad wide into the bend. I don't appreciate the first gear hillstart it necessitates!

Still the campsite is nice. Today's picture is the view pretty much from the van window!
And there's a pub. And it has its own brewery! Good too, the IPA and bitter were decent enough but its nitro-keg stout is the best example of an Irish Stout this side of the Irish Sea! I have a second!