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Sun - by popular demand

It rained yesterday, whilst we were in the concert. First time in a while and the petrichor was wonderful. There, it's not everyday you learn a new word from Ralph McTell, is it? In fact the last week we have been treated to delightful weather and my phone is predicting 26 degrees for today. Even after the rain, last night meant leaving windows and sunlight open to get enough cool air in to allow sleep. Somewhat of a contrast to the start of this adventure, which is a useful reminder if just how long we've been in the road

The site here in the heart of the industrial Wirral borders on to a small patch of woodland. Not just any woodland but proper, original, English ancient woodland that goes back centuries. Camping for vans is around the perimeter of the site so we are next to these venerable trees. What a delight to be awakened to the many and varied woodland birdsongs. A rare treat.

As you have all been such dedicated readers of this humble blog we have a reward, a world exclusive on our potential next venture. Sept 24-Oct 2 is Shetland Wool Week with many workshops about yarn craft and particularly knitting. It is just a thought at the moment but would tie in well with the Radio Society Of Great Britain's convention in Milton Keynes on Oct 9.

The festival is good, very good. Sadly, like most folk festivals the audience is mature but it is great to see new bands on the scene like Granny's Attic which is 3 students. Also last night's Oysterband session inspired a lot of dancing in the aisles, mainly from young ladies a 1/3 of my age, so perhaps there is hope that this musical genre will indeed have a future.