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Sun - one more sleep

It's raining heavily this morning. Liz's foot was very painful walking back from town yesterday. Looks like we are staying in the van today!

Most people are off today anyway. About 30 or so of the 50 vans bid their fond farewells. Glen displayed the results of his moth trapping last night. Several species of moths including 2 or 3 very large, different Hawk Moths species were all imprisoned in plastic cups awaiting release into the local woodland. You know, a lot of fauna just goes completely unnoticed.

A bunch of folk wander off into town in search of lunch. We stay in and read, knit, weave. A quiet day.

A wise decision, early afternoon the rain torrents down and thunderclouds rend the air (baffled our foes, on distant shores --- Stop!! we're not in Scotland anymore!!). Anyone walking back in this would have got soaked.

The evening and a dozen of us gather round Von's awning and swap stories, drink cider and wine. A pleasant evening.

I know what you are thinking, gentle reader - what a boring day! Perhaps you are right, for many folk the simple idea of just reading, doing a bit of craft and chatting with friends might well be the height of boredom. But no TV, no celebrities or politicians, no stress, no hassle. The most difficult decision of the day being "should I go and do the washing up now, or have a cup of tea first". For the curious, the cuppa won. This life may not be for everyone. Occasionally folk can manage to change their lifestyle so they don't need their watch. For the past three months we've also been able to do away with calendar too!!

Had the trip been a success? A wholehearted, resounding, in spades, "YES".

Surely there were times when you got in each other nerves being cramped up in such a small space? Surprisingly, No, not at all.

But you must have missed the creature comforts of home? Well, a microwave or oven would have meant would could have enjoyed the Scottish national dish (pie) but no, not having a TV, computer or reliable internet was not really missed.

So, you'd do it again? Several options for the next trip are already in the planning stage?

Seriously, areyou saying being in the road in the van is better than being at home? Read Monday's blog!