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Sunny, but cold

The small motorhomers have obviously appeased the weather gods as the weekend weather is beautiful. Clear skies; last night was as starlit as the light polluted Midlands gets and this morning the sun would be streaming in to the van if Liz were awake and I opened the sunlight blind.

Downside, of course, is that it is cold. 3°C last night and it felt it. Of course, we just fired up the Eberspracher heater and were toasty within just a few moments. So toasty, in fact, that my fitness tracker recorded a new personal best of 4hr 20 mins deep sleep - twice what I get at home on many nights! Liz also got over 3 and a half hours.

Wonder why this is? The van beds are comfy but not as comfortable as at home. The van was warm when we went to bed but even being well-insulated got distinctly parky during the night. Yet we sleep better? My current theory is that our habit of watching TV up until bed time at home doesn't help. Not that we watch much TV. Perhaps we'll experiment with starting watching TV a little earlier in the evening (currently it is often gone 9pm before we sit down) and reading for an hour before bed.