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Technicals (and Weaving)

Technicals indeed this morning. Liz decided that she would like commenting to be available on her blog. To do this in Ghost required her signing up for a Disqus account and registering her website. Simple enough, even on the phone.

But it also required a file being edited on the Raspberry Pi computer which runs our webserver back home and then Ghost restarting. This meant starting a Linux session on the phone, connecting to home, editing the file etc. Definitely not easy on a tiny screen where the keyboard takes up most of the space. The nano editor is fine in a full screen with full keyboard but a pain on a computer.

Then when all was done, the Ghost restart failed. More pain trying to read the hidden error log and then even more when the error turned out to be something I didn't understand! So put everything back as it was before I started editing (years of painful experience has taught me to copy things before hacking), and Ghost still refuses to restart - Liz has no blog!

In desperation try a reboot. All is good. Try once more and replace the original file with the edited one, this time Ghost restarts without a blink. Go figure? I think it must have been some SSH connection error due to the campsite's internet previously.

Still it is good to know that I can do basic reconfiguration of the website remotely via a phone, even if it is fraught!

The other time absorber in the van is weaving. Being in Ireland it has to be green and Celtic as the theme for my bookmarks