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There's such a lot of world to see

Welcome to the new travel blog of the Two Drifters: Brian and Liz, off to see the world in their Romahome R20 campervan, affectionately known as Brian The Snail. Why? Because it's a builder's van with a snail shell home on its back.

The plan is to try and keep an active blog every time we travel away in the van but who knows - travels are for enjoying, not for sitting in front of a keyboard.

There are 3 blogs allied to this one:

  • Brian The Snail will show the van, how we organise space, space saving gadgets and anything pertinent to travelling for long periods in a tiny van
  • Liz's Travels Liz's own travel blog, with a different focus and definitely less rant than this one
  • Technicals will, amongst other things, detail how these blogs are running, how to install the appropriate software etc. May be of interest to anyone looking at running there own blog or web server.

This blog will hopefully be light-hearted and definitely self-opinionated.