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Thursday - meeting the Provost!!

Today's plan has always been simple: walk from the campsite to Glenrothes, wander around for a bit, go to the Kingdom Of Fife Beer Festival, stagger home.

Walking to town was nice, it's two miles or so from the campsite and some horribly busy roads. Fortunately if you wander through the housing estate opposite and have the right map you can find a cycle/foot path that is scenic much of the way. Well, cowslips and orange tip butterflies, what more scenic signs of spring do you need?

OK I'm going out on a limb here but I suspect very few residents would disagree with me when I say Glenrothes is BORING! It was a new town, built in the late 1940s. And built around a huge undercover shopping centre. Boring! Still one corner of the centre is the Rothes halls entertainment centre where they do seem to get some very good acts to lighten up the town's inhabitants boring lives.

Lest you think I'm being unfair, try shopping in Glenrothes. See if you can succeed where we failed and detect a sparkle of life in the eyes of the bored shop assistants. Oh, Milton Keynes, we yearn for your excitement.

And so to the Beer Festival, 45 beers, half local and 25 ciders, a few of which were Scottish. It was good. Very good! Even more so when we discovered the locals would merely nod with disaffected boredom until we made the effort to engage them in conversation when they would suddenly open up and become really very interesting and enthusiastic about Fife and it's beers.

We spotted a local dignitary with quite low key gold chain regalia and assumed he was town mayor. No, he came over and sat down with us, introducing himself as the Provost of the (entire) Kingdom Of Fife! Now
you don't get that at every beer festival.

A few halves later and it's back to the van for a cuppa.

Night, night.