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We're going down the pub (again)

After looking at all that water we thought an evening visit to the pub a must. So we wandered round and mentioned to everyone we could find that Liz and I would lead an expeditionary force at 1830.

Ten or so of is strode in, found a long table with just a couple of regulars sat and muscled them off to get a natter corner all too ourselves. And the conversation flowed freely, as did the beer. I had at least one more pint than I'd intended. It was a good three hours before we started mumbling about time to leave.

For my own beer log the somewhat sweet but 5% strong smoked stout I've been drinking all weekend was Long Arm Brewing Co.'s Shadow Wolf.

I won't recount any of the many tales here. Some may be embarrassing out of context and out of alcohol, others bear recounting to audiences anew another time. Let's just say an excellent evening was had by all.

A good end to another highly successful gathering of friends.