/ Kingsbury2017

We're going down the pub

Hurry up Harry, come on

Well the poor pub probably doesn't get coach loads too often. After working up a thirst on our cycle ride Liz and I decided on an expeditionary force manoeuvre to arrive at the pub first and have a quiet pint in the lull before the storm. Mind you food was not high on our agenda, we'd just have a HUGE piece of Dutch Apple Cake courtesy of Joan (and jolly nice it was too).

Check out Liz's blog, on the walk to the pub we passed a farm with several very young lambs in a small paddock. Must have been feeding time as they all ran up to us bleating their little heads off - I think Liz got a nice photo.

The Dog and Duck is an old canal side pub. 4 real ales, including a nice local smoked stout.

All was quiet!

Then the governor arrived

Then St. Von with a halo of light streaming from her head

to be fair I knew this photo wouldn't work and tried to shoot it as the waiter went past the window. In my defence I was trapped in my seat as the 40 of us filled the pub's tiny dining area

The meal was suitably chaotic. The pub did fairly well until the end when 4 or 5 seemed without meals. Some orders weren't correct, chips instead of potatoes, the wrong something in the steak and something pie etc. I doubt they get this rush too often and I suspect it is one heck of a strain on the kitchen.

Mind you given the groaning till I'd have funded my staff to a "being cheerful" course beforehand! Some smiles and interaction if I made an effort but the general demeanor was to the unsmiling.