/ Europe2017

Who remembers the Waddington game Travel Go?

Not a particularly good game from memory but the basic premise was traveling around the world buying things in all the different local currencies. 

Europe still hasn't solved that. Even the few countries on this trip:

Belgium, Holland, Germany all in the Euro zone. No idea of the current exchange rate as the Euro is going through a good spell whilst post-Brexit Sterling doldrums seem worse than ever. Still let's work on parity 1€ = £1. Good enough for working out the price of petrol and beer.

Then we crossed into the Czech Republic with its Koruna. About 28 czk to the pound, let's call it 30, close enough.

Now Poland, about 4.6 zloty to the pound. Call it 5 for ease of maths.

Slovakia, easy - Euros.

Here in Hungary the Forint is lowly valued. A massive 336 to the pound. Rats, no easy conversion, OK, how about 1,000 = £3 (and thus 100 = 30p)

All this does make snap value decisions difficult. Have I got that right? Am I using today's exchange rate or am I still thinking of the previous country?

At least after Hungary we are back entirely in the Eurozone until we reach blighty. Unless, that is, we detour into Switzerland!