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As Neuhausen am Rheinfall falls, so falls Neuhausen am Rheinfall Falls

A bonus point for identifying the film that lends provides today's title (hint replace "Neuhausen am Rheinfall" with "Witchita")

Impressive, but not on a Niagara scale
The Rhine waterfall just outside Schaffhausen is the largest in Europe - at only 23m they are not particularly high but the width of 150m gives an impressive water flow.

A quick photo stop here before heading off out of Switzerland, no time to take one of the little boats that shudder into the heart of the falls allowing visitors to disembark on the central island and clamber up a steep path to what must be a phenomenal viewpoint.

Emulating the Japanese with our own portrait shoot
Just a 20 minute stop, apparently this wasn't long enough for one extended Japanese family to finish the group photo session - they were click away taking group portraits (and blocking the path) when we arrived and the exact same blockage had to be negotiated on our departure.