/ Europe2011

Busy doing lots of things

Left Morges today to go to Bern. But, of course, a circumnavigation of Lake Geneva just has to be done. The north shore down to Geneva was pleasant, but Geneva - wow! As you come in from the north shore you see the large water fountains and the town centre across in the distance, one of THE most impressive city vistas. For cities it surely has to rate in the top 10 must see!
The south shore pops back into France (cheap shopping at the SuperU in Douvaine, although there are lots of French super/hypermarkets within the few miles). We missed out on cheap petrol and recommend filling-up at Thonon or Evain as shops and petrol stations are few and far between before reaching Switzerland again.
On round back into Montreux (looks interesting) and Vevey before Tomtom neatly bypassed Lausanne and sent us north towards Moudon and Bern. The climb out of Lausanne is interesting, steep and continuous for a couple of miles - what on earth posesses cyclists to want to travel it? However the terracing of the vinyards is both ingenous and fascinating, in some places a single row of vines cling to a south facing wall on a tiny scrap of terrace.
Beautiful Heidi-like high plateau towards Bern. Annoyingly Lucens, being the past home of Sir Adrian Conan Doyle has a Sherlock Holmes museum which we just had to drive past to ensure arriving at the campsite in good time. Even more annoyingly it appears to only be open on weekends, so a good job we didn't stop!
Bern TCS campsite looks excellent - more tomorrow