/ Europe2011

Busy doing nothing

Mostly holidays are great rushes of things, "quick we must get to town before the museum closes", "we need to press on to make the campsite by dusk" etc. Today was the opposite.
When we eventually got up we took a leisurely stroll round the campsite to photograph some of the larger set-ups. In doing so we stumbled on a small gate leading to a tiny nature reserve but the coots and moorhens with chicks, the stentorian bullfrogs and a small assortment of unidentifiable warblers kept us happy for enough time to need a rest and a cuppa when we got back to the van.

Then a gentle promenade along the lakeside the entire length of Morges (a couple of miles, probably). Lots of folk taking the air on this delightfullly sunny day, not as fierce as yesterday so Brian's sunburn didn't worsen. So Lake Geneva is the Great Crested Grebe capital of Europe. Pairs were everywhere, many setting up nests on boat moorings, tiny piers, anywhere that was stable. Red kites in abundance and lots of Mallards and Tufted Duck plus one species I don't know.

Anyone know what this duck is?

The stroll also took in Morges castle where a exhibition of sculpture is taking place. Many sculptors from around the world are working live on new compositions, whilst some of their completed work is on show in the castle. The castle also houses the museum and whilst the exhibition is on the opportunity to see Swiss Militaria and some fascinating model diaramas (is that the correct plural?) is free. The diamaras were very well down with little pieces of wit injected into the various figures. Worth the visit.

The promenade/castle visit absorbed a good 3 hours or so, so to round of this gentle day a little amateur radio - the antenna bemused many of the other campers, a little weaving and a little reading.
Tomorrow, off to Bern and a far more hectic couple of days.