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Hamfest 2011 - organisation

Messe was busy but not overcrowded. The 3 halls did take a good, tiring day to get round and occasionally it was a squeeze to see things but nothing like the UK rallies. Everything was well spaced and easy to find. The main hall which housed the traders also housed many of the national radio bodies, so as well as our own RSGB stand we chatted with the Italian national society (free Prosecco), the Dutch VERON (free liquorice), the Council of Europe radio society (chocolates and a very interesting chat), the Italian equivalent of RAYNET (excellent ideas for emergency and portable stations) as well as browsing many of the others.

Catering was amazing given the number of people. Food was typical German - Wurst, Pork Knuckles, Chicken etc. and of couse the mandatory beer to wash it down. Queues weren't too bad and even at peak times we were able to get food within 5 mins or so and find a table. Even more surprising the prices didn't rip us off - even the beer was little more than UK pub price although the concept of a deposit on the glass was unusual.

There wasn't even a queue for the loos!