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It's Friday - it must be Switzerland

Oh, I do like Tomtom. She (the voice is female so the gender seems approriate) led us from the campsite at Besançon right, right and right again onto a small scenic route following the river Doubs. No traffic and a pretty ride but after just a few miles the road ended back in Besançon, directly under the magnificent craggy outcrop that is home to the medieval citadel we were disappointed not to glimpse yesterday. A great way to be presented with such a spectacular site.
She then led us across the Jura, passing at just over 1000m into Switzerland. The plains at the top of the Jura made a pleasant change from yesterday's much more closed in farmland. Even better, the slopes were sufficiently gentle that the little Romahome breezed up them as if tearing along the plains of Flanders.
We slowed down to a walking pace as we drove through Swiss customs and received not even a hand wave to stop us or bid us on our way. I do hope we are not currently being filed as illegal immigrants.
On to Morges, just outside Lausanne. What a strange campsite, open pitches fairly close together, populated with huge caravans sporting even larger awnings. So back to back it's almost tenement camping. Of course the little Roma has plenty of room its pitch.

Caravan + Awning + Gazebo, quite a home from home

From the back of our R20, although there was plenty of room to the side

Some really were" home from home" - complete with garden