/ Europe2011

My Fair Lady

In a tiny cemetry at Tolochenaz, just a mile or so above the campsite here in Morges, lies the grave of Audrey Hepburn. We strolled over after tea tonight and in the deserted cemetery laid a single wild flower on her grave. An icon to so many, including our own daughter Lucy.

Earlier in the day it was more of the same. A leisurely start and then hit the wine trail. The first was in walking distance and had some excellent wines (we bought the Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc) and also gave us the opportunity to try Malakoff, a traditional Vaud dish of cheese,eggs and milk spread onto bread and deep fried. Delicious.
The day was only marred slightly by the nearly hour wait for the shuttle bus after the 3rd winery, but the sun was shining, the swallows and red kites were flying. There's probably worse things to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon.