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Panic Over!

OK - there is no point in writing a blog if you can't rant occasionally. **HALFORDS **why do you abuse your position of near monopoly of the motor accessories trade? My local Halfords sold headlight beam deflectors for £10.99 - compare this with about 4 quid or so on Ebay, £5.99 on Amazon and even only £7.99 on P&O ferries. Come on Halfords, given your position in the industry you should be able to pass the benefit of buying in bulk on to the poor consumer rather than ripping us off.

We opted out of paying over a tenner and settled on getting some at the ferry terminus in Dover. However whilst joining the parking queue, a nice young chappie gave us a leaflet stating that many travel essentials including beam deflectors are available for purchase on-board the ferry. Once on board we head straight for the shop, and find a glittering array of deflectors for cars coming into the UK from almost every European country but none for UK drivers heading to Europe.

Panic sets in. Where would we find such items on the continent? What are the likely fines, especially in Switzerland where day headlights are mandatory?

A complaint is registered and we are assured that stocks will be checked but the staff don't seem confident. Plan B is to confront the Purser, Captain, Admiral or whoever is in charge of this ruddy boat with the £60 AA total travel pack (flourescent vests, warning triangles, bulbs etc.) and insist he rips it open and extracts the beam benders.

One angry blogger

Righteous anger is assuaged when one of the crew manages to find the last remaining stock of 23 from somewhere hidden in the bowels of the boat.

Panic Over.