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Review: Alnwick Rugby Club

Rating: Very Good

I like sports club sites! We stayed at Durham Rowing Club last year and it was perfect for access to the city. Alnwick Rugby Club is the same, about 15/20 minutes walk from the centre, near the A1 (and Saintsbury's)

The site is gently sloping with about 20 or so hookups and space for many more vans without hookup. One water tap and one waste disposal point, a manhole that needs lifting. Toilets and communal showers are available via the brown wooden door to the left of the main entrance.

Booking isn't always easy because the site almost seems a separate operation to the rugby club itself. Don't let that put you off! Location is great, easy drives to Cragside, Seahouses, Morpeth et al and good bus connections if you don't want to drive. For the location and facilities £15 per night with electric seems more than reasonable.

It is a rugby club so it has a clubhouse which has a bar (one real ale and several kegs). When we were here in May the bar only opened a few nights each week but we were made to feel very welcome. Thursday night is chess club night and I felt a real fraud turning down a game - it's been 20 years since I played seriously. The groundsman​ is a lovely chap, generally onsite early morning and often found in the bar later in the evening. Always an interesting conversation.

This site is definitely on our return to list. It might be interesting to spend a week or so here and take advantage of the local bus services to get to really experience Northumberland.