/ Europe2011

Sun Bern

Strewth, it's a scorcher. Probably 26 Celsius here in Bern today and full, baking sun in a clear sky makes it just that wrong side of pleasant heat. Took the bus from the campsite into central Bern - my German just about running to the "zwie zum bahnhoff, bitte" required to buy the tickets on the bus. It was fairly cheap (4 chf), clean, fast and almost no wait, the buses running every 10 minutes.

We explored many of the shops, or at least the ones in the shade and were delighted to see the bears in the new bear pit - no it's not bear baiting but a special enclosure just on the edge of the old town where a few of the cities totemic brown bears roam. Didn't buy much, many things are fashion oriented with matching prices and the tourist souvenirs a little too price. Surprisingly cookware etc. didn't seem quite as exorbitant as much of the other merchandise. Oh, and why so many shoe shops?

Liz did pick up some pre-packed rosti, a local potato and cheese dish that needs frying so we'll be eating Swiss one night later this week.

I was hoping to go back and watch the clock do all its mechanical wonderments and then go over to the museum district to see the Einstein museum but the heat was just too exhausting so I had to content myself with a photo of Einstein's house.