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The road to Troyes

Our next planned stop was the municapl campsite in Troyes, 150k SE of Paris and over 180 miles away from our site on the Somme. Two choices, the quick route (3hr 5 min) down the peage (toll) motorways or the slower route avoiding tolls (4hr 25 mins). Like Robert Frost we elected for the road less travelled, or rather, the road less costly.
French main non-motorway roads are surprisingly good, including many miles of roads straighter than even the most sober Roman architect could have engineered. Most have a steady 56 mph (90 kmph) speed limit which should minimise fuel consumption and traffic is relatively light. The only trap for the unwary is the unannounced drop to 50kmph (31mph) when entering even the smallest hamlet. Tomtom is great, not only does the co-pilot guide us safely round roundabouts and through town centres but she also gently chides us when we err above the legal speed limit. What would we do without her?
Not too much to say about the journey, mainly through rural villages and large fields of varying crops. Aspargus is in season right now and available fresh from many farms en route.
The first part of the journey, skirting Cambrai, through St-Quentin and on to Douai was, of course, sprinkled with the graveyards of the millions whose great contribution to life was merely to fertilise the rich soil of Northern France. We drove past quickly.