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Zeppelins and Fronleichnam

I day say - close!
An early wake up call - just what is that hellish loud drone outside the van so early in the morning? It's a Zeppelin! Having left our home in Eastleigh where the Spitfire was built and tested, we find ourselves in the home of the Zeppelin; and what's more there's one just above our heads. And I do mean just above! Resisting the temptation to shout "Achtung Spitfire!" we dress quickly and go out to watch it land. Later in the day we wandered over to the terminal to discover at €200 each a ride was prohibitive, and anyway would I trust myself being alone with a gas bag? Now why has Liz just kicked me!

Disembarking - 1920's style
To be fair we did our research before leaving the UK and took special precautions to make sure we weren't caught out with shop closures over the Whit weekend. What we didn't realise is the Germany has several regional holidays and that June 23rd being Fronlechnam (Corpus Christi) is a holiday in the Friedrichshafen area. Good job Norman warned us yesterday or we would be without essential supplies (i.e. beer). We are not even sure the Zeppelin museum in town will be open and a little scared to leave the campsite just in case our good site is snaffled and we return to find ourselves searching for a space on the outer fringes. Anyway, it's raining hard.

So another day where, in part, we are confined to the van. Still a good chance to try the Troyes boardgame out; goodness, it is a real heavy thinking game.

Did I mention - BIG antennas

Later in the afternoon the rain eases and we get the opportunity to go walkabout. What a fascinating raggle-taggle piece of geekdom this campsite it. Antenna everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, some more ingeniously constructed and others making use of local trees and streetlights - how did they tie them 20' up a street light? There's not a ladder to be spotted. And then again some of them were just HUGE!

Fully extended you probably can't spot your correspondent